Our Staff


Katie King

Katie is the owner of the Nursery and is passionate about providing a warm and caring environment. She was brought up in Chiswick and holds the International Montessori Diploma and she is the Forest School Leader of the Nursery. Katie truly believes that children should be allowed to experience the natural environment. To enhance children's freedom and creativity her aim is to blend these two approaches.  Ensuring the very best start to their educational journey.


Anna Capozza

Anna is our Nursery Manager and is an enthusiastic, certified Montessori Practitioner. Anna comes from Italy, the birthplace of Maria Montessori, and has already started to teach the children (and teachers) some Italian!  Anna holds a BA Hons. in Early Years Education and the International Montessori Diploma. She has an interest in developing and supporting the children's independence and sense of self.   She truly believes that we need to follow the child's interests, to trust in their natural ability in order for them to blossom.


Inoka Halwatura

Inoka is our Deputy Manager and Yoga teacher/ Montessori Practitioner and has experience working in cities like London, Berlin and Valencia. Inoka fully embraces the value of collaboration and open dialogue to share experiences with children for them to become positively contributing citizens of the world. Inoka will be incorporating her love for yoga and mindfulness into her teaching, believing that these are important to build on children’s integrity and self-esteem

Montessori Teacher

Sheelagh Gilbey

Miss Sheelagh does a Drama class with the children each week.  They absolutely love joining in with her different activities such as story telling, music and movement and the favourite, 'magic eggs'  She also helps us with our Summer and Christmas concerts.