Everyday Learning Activities (Practical Life)

This area enables the children to choose activities that are more familiar to them; an example would be pouring water from one jug to another or transferring beans using a spoon from one china bowl to another.  Dressing frames help children to do up and undo their own clothes.  A coffee grinder, orange juicer and graters all help to develop concentration and fine motor skills.  Cutting strips of card, threading pasta to make a necklace and sorting beads with tweezers all enable the child to complete an activity and repeat it over and over again in order to refine their skills and develop their concentration.


The children help the teachers to prepare snack for themselves and others. Practical life encompasses the idea of ‘care of self’ so they are encouraged to use a dustpan and brush, put on their coats, wipe up any spills, even blow their own nose!